Sunday, June 7, 2009

8 Months

Written 5/27/2009.

We are feeding her more and more table foods vs baby food. She only gets about 50% of the food into her mouth and I usually end up helping her so that I know she's getting some food in there! She's doing really well though and so far she likes everything we feed her! I'm getting braver with her. I still worry that she's going to choke on something, but I have to let go sometime....this won't be the only thing I worry about.

Last Friday (5/22/09) Caitlyn started crawling forward! We're in trouble now! She's drawn to the bookshelf so that she can pull all the books off the bottom shelf and chew on them. She's also drawn towards the tv and all the gadgets when we're downstairs. Doesn't matter that she has her tub full of baby safe toys sitting right there in front of her! She's starting to pull herself up on furniture but only on her knees so far. She hasn't pulled to a standing position yet. On Sunday she was trying to pull up on the coffee table and bonked her head. Poor thing. I hate those tables...way too many corners for her to hurt herself on. I told Jared we should shop for new ones! :0) She's also started clapping! I LOVE it!!! She's loves playing patty cake. Now we're working on hi & bye.

Mothers Day was wonderful this year! Jared was out of town for Josh's (my sister's new husband) bachelor party which was in Des Moines that weekend. He left Saturday afternoon and came back on Sunday afternoon. Before he left on Saturday he went and got me flowers from him and Caitlyn. They were beautiful! On Sunday we went to breakfast in the park with Jared's family (even though he wasn't there). I had debated on going because Caitlyn had been sick with a cold and ear infection. But it seemed nice enough out when I took the dogs out, so I decided to go for a little while. Of course when we got there the wind picked up and it was pretty chilly. Total bummer. So we only stayed for about 30 min. But it was still fun and some good food. And they all got to pass Caitlyn around. Then we went home and just hung out the rest of the day. It was an awesome day and one I've waited to celebrate in this way for a very long time!

The ear infection that I spoke of in my last post reared its ugly head again. Apparently she had a very stubborn infection. So 2 rounds of antibiotics...a very painful antibiotic shot...5 Dr. office visits in 6 weeks...lots of $ out of pocket...I'm told it's finally gone. Hopefully it doesn't resurface again. Poor baby girl.

Her 9 month Dr. appt will be coming up in about 2 weeks. No shots at this appt so I am very excited!!! I'll also be getting her 9 month pictures done. I'm very excited about this as well! Lots of things to look forward to!

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