Sunday, June 7, 2009

Aunt Beth's & Uncle Josh's Wedding Day

Written 6/3/2009

Caitlyn was a real trooper the weekend of May 23rd! I took Thursday and Friday off from work to do last minute wedding stuff with Beth. I took Caitlyn to daycare on Thursday while we ran errands and got pedicures and manicures. I picked her up early on Thursday afternoon and met Christy and Kim at the mall so that could hold and snuggle her (as much as she would allow)! Thursday night was the bachelorette party. It started at our house at about 7. Right before Caitlyn's bedtime. But she took her bottle and went to bed right on time. Even though we were being kind of loud...she went to sleep like our perfect angel! We had a great time out Thursday night. This was my first girls night out since having Caitlyn. Actually since finding out I was pregnant with Caitlyn!

On Friday I decided to keep Caitlyn home with me while we did our running around. I probably should have taken her to daycare so she could have some kind of schedule...but it's so hard when I'm off to not keep her with me. I miss her so much! So on Friday she went with us to get our eyebrows waxed and to the reception hall to help decorate. Then we were off to the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. She and Melanie (the other flower girl) did great in the wagon being pulled by Ian and Noah. She was up a little past her bedtime and since she wasn't in her jammies when we got home I had to wake her and change her. She didn't like that much and didn't want to go back to sleep.

Saturday...Wedding Day! Jared had to work in the morning so we took Caitlyn with us to get our hair done. She was awesome while we were there. We got our hair done in 2 groups so there was always someone to hold and watch her! She took a nap on the way home and actually napped in her carseat for an hour after we got home while we all got into our dresses. Those carseat naps are few and far between anymore. We all got dressed and the other girls did their makeup. Beth and I got our makeup done at the salon. Then we all piled into the cars to drive down to the park for pictures @ 12:30. Once at the park I got Caitlyn into her dress. The weather was wonderful! It had rained a little bit while we were getting our hair done and this was the only time that Beth showed any signs of nervousness. Even though we told her that rain on your wedding day was good luck and that it wouldn't last long and the rest of the day would be beautiful (and we were right!). The guys were running late so we started with pictures of Beth and the bridesmaids and flower girls. I am so excited to see these pictures - I can't wait! The guys showed up and we finished doing pictures. This lasted about 2 1/2 hours. Caitlyn was hot and got a little tired throughout this. I tried to get some pictures of Caitlyn and Melanie together, but Caitlyn didn't like the grass and then didn't want to sit even on the blanket. She was such a trooper! She did great riding in the wagon with Melanie down the isle as Ian and Noah pulled them down. She then fell asleep in Jared's arms during the ceremony. And continued to sleep for awhile in her stroller. It was so adorable! After the ceremony the wedding party left in the limo and Jared took Caitlyn to the reception hall. She was passed around all night from person to person and loved all the attention! She ate mashed potatoes and stuffing for dinner from daddy's plate. She danced with daddy (unfortunately mommy had too much wine and not enough food and didn't think about dancing with her baby girl). She finally fell asleep around 10:30. We left for home around 11. Once home she went right to bed - our perfect princess!

Congratulations Aunt Bethy and Uncle Josh!!!

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