Sunday, April 27, 2014

2012 Catch Up

Some more catch up.  Here is a picture a month from my last post in 2012 through December 2012.  I'll have another one for 2013 soon.   


Camping with Grandma and Papa Darling at Ponca State Park!

Summertime Fun!


A mommy daddy trip to Atlanta for the Big 10 Pub Crawl!

2 Pictures from the kids birthday! 




Helping Daddy with the finishing touches on the remodel!


Christmas 2012!


Friday, April 25, 2014

Infertility Awareness Week

Since this week is Infertility Awareness Week I thought I might share our story.  Most of you know bits and pieces of this story but if it helps even one person to not feel alone during their journey then it’s worth putting it out there. 

Jared and I were married in June 2005.  We basically started trying right away to get pregnant.  A year went by and nothing.  I asked questions at my annual OB appointment and he did some blood tests and prescribed Clomid (an oral infertility medication).   After my blood tests came back I was diagnosed with PCOS and prescribed Metformin (also used for Diabetes patients).  This medication did a number on my stomach.  But I got used to it after a while. 

After 5 months of Clomid and numerous other tests, acupuncture and no pregnancy my OB referred me to an RE (Reproductive Endocrinologist).    We tried  Clomid with an IUI our first round with the RE and got pregnant!   We got to see the heartbeat at 5 weeks with the RE and were released back to my OB.  At 9  weeks we found the baby’s heart had stopped beating.  I had miscarried.  I had no symptoms of a miscarriage.  It’s what they called a missed-miscarriage.  I was at the appointment by myself and had to drive myself home.  I was a wreck.  I had a D&C the next day. 

We waited 1 month before we tried again.  This time we did injectable infertility meds with IUI.  We did this twice with no success.  In August 2007 I had to have a surgical procedure done to remove polyps.  We started IUI with injectable medications again in October.  Neither October or November worked.  Our RE stated that she’d do one more IUI then we needed to think about IVF.  Jared refused to talk about it.  His opinion was that you didn’t talk about the next “game” until the current game was over.  I on the other had wanted to know what we were going to do next.  I had little faith that this last IUI would work.  I didn’t want to try IVF, if we were going to spend that kind of money I wanted to move towards adoption.  But Jared’s heart wasn’t open to that at the time.  I let it go. 

We did the last IUI in December and on December 30th I got a positive pregnancy test.  I was excited but cautious.  In January (on a Friday night) I started bleeding.  I freaked out.  My RE’s office said that some bleeding could be normal and they scheduled me for an appointment on Monday.  Jared was helping my sister move to Des Moines that weekend so I was alone…again.   At Monday’s appointment we couldn’t see the heartbeat yet (too soon) but my RE could see blood clots in there and what was happening as the baby and my uterus was growing it was pushing the blood clots out.  I was so thankful that it didn’t look like another miscarriage.  I ended up having a very non-eventful pregnancy with Caitlyn and delivered her in September 2008.

With Cole we tried naturally for a year again and when nothing came of that visited the RE again.  It took 3 IUI’s with injectable medications to get pregnant the third time.   I had some morning/all day sickness with Cole’s pregnancy throughout the first trimester and the rest of the pregnancy was uneventful. 

This fourth pregnancy was a complete surprise.  Jared and I were on completely different pages.  He really wanted to try for a 3rd and I felt like we were complete with 2.  I knew I didn’t want to do any type of treatment again so I told him that we could try naturally for a year and if nothing happened we’d stop trying.  A year and a half after that conversation I was trying to convince him we were done trying.  He wanted one more month.  We both prayed.  He prayed for a 3rd child.  I prayed that God would give Jared peace with our decision to stop trying.  Three weeks later we had a positive pregnancy test.  Jared was so excited.  I was in complete shock.   I was more sick with this pregnancy and it lasted further into the 2nd trimester.  I’m feeling much better now most days. 

If anyone reading this is going through infertility, please know that you are not alone.  It may feel that way because it seems to be a taboo topic but there are so many going through the same things.  I may have gotten through my hurdles but the pain and frustration is still there at times. 

God's plans were different than mine but they are better than we could ever imagine! 

Monday, April 21, 2014

It's Been Awhile...

Last week I was reading through my old blog posts and I realized I missed this space.  It’s a great place for me to document the happenings going on with us.  It’s also like my baby / child book for the kids!  So here I am with an update of the last almost 2 years…

 Caitlyn turned 5 last September.  She is a great big sister!  She loves Cole and is great with him.  Most times when he’s in a mood or tantrum throwing, she’s the one that gets through to him and calms him down.  She’s in her third year of preschool / pre-k and is so ready for Kindergarten this August.  She is way more ready than Jared or I are for this big transition.  She’ll ask me periodically if it’s time for Kindergarten yet.  Mostly I think it’s because she hates nap time at daycare.  Thankfully after pre-k graduation in May they will transition her in with the school age kids and nap time will be a thing of the past!  She hasn’t napped since I brought Cole home from the hospital (she had just turned 3).  This girl is a cuddle bug and I love it!  And I think because she requests cuddle time Cole usually follows and loves it too.  His time is just much shorter at the moment.  She is finally dressing herself in the mornings and definitely has a style of her own!  She’s great at matching colors but hasn’t learned to match patterns as well.  I love her spirit, kindness and understanding.  She's turning into such a sweet loving girl! 

 Cole turned 2 last September.  He’s in the toddler room at daycare and has been doing great.  The transition from Beth’s to daycare was a little rough last summer but he’s doing great now!  We’re starting to get into potty training mode.  He’ll need to be fully potty trained to move to the preschool room and will be able to move once he turns 3.  So we have this summer to get in gear!   He is my strong willed child.  I’m told this will be good in his adult life but right now he tries me on a daily basis.   He loves his big sister and is constantly following her around and wanting to do what she does.  He loves all things trains…especially Thomas the train.  We got him a train table for Christmas…it was the best money spent.  He has his cuddle moments but they are usually short.  He also has little patience for tv so far….unless Thomas is on.  For some reason he can sit and watch that all afternoon.  I don’t get it. 

Baby number three will arrive in September.  Yes, all 3 of my babies are going to be September babies.  It’s insane.  This one was a little bit of a surprise but we are excited and getting ready.  We’ll find out the gender in 2 weeks, which I’m super excited about!  Caitlyn is super excited and hoping for a sister because she already has a brother and doesn’t need another one.  Cole has just started coming around to the fact that mommy has a baby in her belly.  He was insistent that there wasn’t up until about a month ago.  It’s going to be a huge transition for him but I know he’ll come around and be a great big brother too! 

Zeus is still battling his allergies.  He’s also going to be having a fatty tumor removed in the next couple of weeks.  He’s starting to show his age a little bit.  He turns 13 this month.  Still as loud and obnoxious as ever though! 

We finished the kitchen remodel.  I’ll post before/during/after photo’s at some point.   

We are still active at church.  We’ve joined a young marrieds group that meets once a month and really enjoy that!  Plus it really helps us grow in our relationship as well. 

 We took a couple of trips.  Last summer we went to Ponca State Park with Grandma Kendy and Papa Rich.  In September we went to Branson with Grandma Barb and Papa Fred.  Then in February of this year Jared and I went to St Lucia for Tony and Darci’s wedding!  It was amazing…even though I was sick as a dog with morning (all day) sickness. 

This has gotten really long!  Looking forward to keeping this updated!