Sunday, June 28, 2009


Written June 10, 2009

Our baby girl fell down the stairs. I had taken the dogs outside and was out there making sure they went to the bathroom. Caitlyn and Jared were in the kitchen. Jared thought I was coming right back in. He decided to take our plates of food downstairs real quick. He thought he closed the gate behind him, but it didn't latch. As I was coming back inside I heard a thump and her cries. My heart was in my throat. I screamed for Jared and we both went running. I got to her first and picked her up. We looked her over, moved her arms and legs to see if anything was broken. Jared wanted to lay her back down flat to check her, but she would scream each time I put her down. As long as I was holding her she would calm down a little. He wanted her to crawl for us, but she wouldn't do that either. She calmed down after about half an hour. I then gave her a bottle and put her to bed. She slept all night. I checked on her a couple of times throughout the night. The next morning she woke up happy and smiling and babbling...just like normal. I cried the next day each time I told someone about it. My heart still aches 2 days later as I'm writing about it. Parenting is hard.

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