Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Cute Stories

We tried to push the binkie on her as a newborn. We probably bought 20 different kinds / brands trying to find one she liked because I was so worried about her sucking her thumb. She wouldn't have it though. Wouldn't you know now she terrorizes the other babies and takes theirs? She doesn't suck on them - she just wants it because she doesn't have one. The daycare really has their hands full with her!

The other day I was volunteering with a coworker selling tickets for the O What a Duck Race for the Omaha Food Bank @ the grocery store. My sister was there and I brought Caitlyn with us because Jared had to work. Caitlyn was tired and I was trying to cuddle her and get her to fall asleep in my arms. This wasn't happening. She hates to cuddle. The only cuddle time I get is when she's taking her bottle. Doesn't matter how tired she is. I kept telling her I wanted her to be a cuddle bug for me. My co-worker just looked at her and said she's more like a squirmy wormy. So true!

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