Friday, May 9, 2014

It's A Baby....


We had our 20 week u/s this week.  We took Caitlyn with us.  I had my concerns about this as she was adamant it had to be a girl.  If it was a boy she was moving next door with Trinity.  I asked her the night before if she wanted to come and see the baby on the u/s and she said yes.  I told her there was a very good chance it could be a boy and would that be ok with her.  Nope…she wasn’t having it!  But I knew she’d enjoy the experience and didn’t want her miss out.  A very good friend of mine said if she did freak out and cry that it would be a good story later and we’d all laugh about it. 

This baby girl kept us wondering for 40 minutes!  I thought we might have to wait and pay for a separate u/s to find out the gender.  She had her legs crossed at the knees and then again at the ankles and then up by her forehead!  Baby looks healthy and everything is measuring right where it should be.  When the tech finally got the gender shot she froze the screen.  I could tell right away.  She told Caitlyn to come over that she needed her help.  On the keyboard they have a “it’s a girl” key and “it’s a boy” key.  She let Caitlyn press the “It’s a girl” button!  Now Caitlyn thinks she got to pick that we are having a girl! 

Other pregnancy news:

  •    This pregnancy has been much harder on me than either of my other ones.  The morning (all day) sickness was much worse than with Cole (it was non-existent with Caitlyn) and lasted longer.  I’m still beyond tired at 20 weeks.  Part of that may be the insomnia at night.  The insomnia is due to the pain in my hips and under my belly for the most part.  Whenever I’m at home I just want to be in bed.  It calls to me.  I started seeing a chiropractor for the first time in my life last week.  Hopefully it will help.  My OB suggested getting a maternity belt.  Blech.   

  •  I’m happy to be half way done. 

  •  I’m not having any consistent cravings but feel like I’m eating All. The. Time.  I do crave more fruit / fruit flavored things.  Strawberries, grapes, orange sherbet, lemon drops, starburst jelly beans, popsicles and so on...!

  •  Caitlyn is requesting we name baby girl Unicorn. 

  •   I’m feeling the baby move more and more.  That would be the 2nd good thing about pregnancy.  Feeling the baby move.  First thing is listening to the baby’s heartbeat.  Best sound ever!    


Anonymous said...

So happy for you guys,, can't wait till Catilyn tell Cole, she got to pick the sister out.. LOL
So proud and happy for you all
Love gran steph...

Renae Christensen said...

That was fun to read! Caitlin is so funny. Glad she wasn't disappointed! And I think you should consider "Unicorn." ;-) Thomas wanted to name Evan "cement truck." Evan will thank us one day I'm sure. I actually used a maternity belt with this last pregnancy and even though I didn't think it would help, I have to admit that it did. That, and warm baths every night. I still have my maternity belt if your insurance doesn't cover it; I'd gladly let you have mine. Just let me know. Take care! Love, Renae