Saturday, May 31, 2014

Caitlyn's Pre-K Graduation

Caitlyn graduated from pre-k at Kids for Jesus May 15th 2014.  She is so excited to end this chapter and start Kindergarten later this summer!

 They had a super cute program. They sang 4 songs & there was prayer time.


Then they received their certificate and a little gift (Children's Bible). 

This is Caitlyn with her teacher Miss Mandy.  She was awesome this year...we will miss her dearly!

Aunt Beth was awesome and made her a dairy free cake!  I've learned that she doesn't need the cake just dairy free frosting!!! 

Since pre-k ended Caitlyn's moved up to the school age class.  They have a fun summer planned with guests coming to visit and field trips.  Lots of water days, ice cream/popsicle days and dress up days!  She's so excited that she doesn't have nap time anymore.  I think that is the biggest perk of all!  I'll update all her fun at the end of summer before school starts!  My little girl is growing up so fast!  

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