Sunday, May 4, 2014

Color Me Rad 2014

April 25th I signed up to do a color run 5K with my sister and some girlfriends.  Being pregnant I didn't / couldn't run it so I decided to bring Caitlyn along.  We had so much fun!  She got a little tired towards the end.  I asked her if she wanted a piggy back ride for part of the way and she said "no thank you mommy...I don't want to pop your belly."  I don't think I will ever forgot that!  It made me seriously laugh out loud at her!  Love her so much!  Here are some pictures from the day! 

Before the run

 After the run!
 Sister baby bumps! 
 Before group shot!
 After group shot minus Caitlyn

Caitlyn wasn't interested in the last group picture.  But over all it was a super fun day!  Beth, Caitlyn and I all went to brunch at Cracker Barrel afterwards.  So yummy! 

That will be my last 5K until after this baby though.  My hips and under the belly hurt so bad afterwards.  I had my first ever visit with a chiropractor this past week and plan on continuing.   The pain with this baby is much more intense than I remember with either of my other pregnancies. 

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