Wednesday, August 13, 2008

34 & 36 Week Appts

At my 34 week appt we got a 3D u/s. This appt was actually very disappointing. The appt was supposed to be at 4:15. They were running behind so we didn't go back until after 5. This made for a very crabby pregnant lady with a very full bladder! So they get me back there, take my blood pressure (which is actually still good...considering) and take me to the u/s room. They are training a new u/s tech (which is why they are so behind). They take all the measurements and every thing looks good. Baby is healthy and actually weighing in at 5 lbs already! This freaked me out a little bit. The nurse and Dr. are like oooh healthy baby!!! And I am happy that she's healthy....but they don't have to push her out! By the time she's ready to come out she's going to be over 8 lbs! Guess I should have laid off the decaf iced caramel macchiato and apple fritters from Starbucks! This has been my only constant weakness throughout this pregnancy! Well...that and orange sherbet! Anyway, because our appt was running so late the Dr. was rushed (you could tell he had somewhere he had to be). They couldn't get any good face shots for us. So we got one picture of her face, one of her foot (which I totally can't make out) and 2 of her female parts. We're definitely having a girl! Her heartbeat has already started to slow down...I can't remember the exact rate it was at...but it was down in the 130's. Dr. says this is totally normal!

At my 36 week appt the Dr. did the strep B test. I'll get the results at next week's appt. Yes I've now graduated to weekly appts! He also did an internal exam. I had been hoping to put this off for another week. I am so uncomfortable and swollen in that area already. And I knew nothing was happening. I just have this feeling that she's going to be late. Don't know why...don't have anything to base this on. Besides the fact that I was 2 weeks late when my mom delivered me! And I was right! Nothing going on...although he did say he thought I was starting to soften. I think he just said this for my benefit because the exam was so painful. The Dr. did bring up induction because of how big she is measuring already. They won't induce me early. And at our hospital he only schedules inductions on Monday's and Thursdays because he's at the office closest to that hospital on those days. So he said either Monday the 8th (Jared's birthday) or Thursday the 11th. I definitely don't want to be induced on the 11th. If she comes on her own that day, I'm fine with it. But I wouldn't choose that for her birthdate if I had the choice. Right now Jared really doesn't want to share his birthday. So we may be waiting until Monday the 15th or just letting her come on her own before then. I really hope she just comes on her own and we don't have to worry about induction. But at least we are prepared if it does come to that.

We are still in search of a dresser for the nursery. I finally did my first laundry load of baby stuff last weekend. This is a slow process! We don't have a lot going on this weekend, so I hope to get most of her stuff washed this weekend! Jared will be busy with the fantasy football draft, fun!

Another update to come next week!!!

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