Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Baby Boy Update

Last Thursday we had a dr appt with u/s.  He was being very stubborn and had his back to us and did not turn around.  So we got no pictures (except for the one of his boy parts because my dr has a sense of humor like that).  He's measuring big already at 7 1/2 lbs.  I know the u/s can be off a little but that scares me a little bit.  If he grows a 1/2 oz a week and I go to my scheduled date he'll be about 9 lbs when he's born.  I was feeling pretty depressed about this after our appt but the good thing is he is healthy and strong!  What can I say...I grow big babies!  Caitlyn was 8 lbs 11 oz when she was born so if he's around 9 it's not that much bigger than she was.  It just seems so big.  He was also breech.  The dr said if I wasn't already scheduled for a repeat c-section he'd be talking me into right now!  His heartbeat was at 147 bpm. 

We are still working on the nursery.  I got all his clothes (Thanks Aunt Bethy) and blankets and towels and sheets and things washed.  We took down all of the wall stuff we had in there for Caitlyn and finally moved them into her room (I'll post pictures of her big girl room soon).  Jared patched up the holes in the walls so now we just need to prime and paint those spots.  Hopefully we won't have to paint the whole room! 

Now we're just counting down.  Less than 4 weeks to go til my scheduled date! 

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