Saturday, November 13, 2010

What's Caitlyn Doing Now

  • She can now gallop. And as she's galloping through the house she's repeating it over and over again!

  • During car rides she points things out. And she'll keep repeating whatever she's seen until you repeat what  she's said. She wants to make sure that you've understood exactly what she said. Her favorites at the moment are yellow school buses, big trucks, airplanes and slides when she sees a park.

  • She can correctly identify the colors yellow, blue, purple, pink and sometimes green.  She calls orange, pumpkin.  

  • She can pull up and down her pullup and pants to go to the bathroom.

  • She also likes to empty her potty in the toilet and rinse it out in the sink and put it back. I then have to go around and clean up the mess she leaves behind. But this makes her so proud I can't tell her no.

  • She's staying dry in her pullup 85% of the time.

  • She can also put her pants on from being off.  Can't quite put her shirt on by herself yet.

  • She is learning to put on her socks...she's been able to put most of her shoes on for awhile now.

  • She loves helping feed and give water to Zues. She also loves giving him his treat for going in his kennel.

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