Sunday, November 7, 2010

Vaction Trips Part 2

We (Jared, Me & Tony) left for Atlanta on September 29th. We worked half days that Wednesday. Caitlyn stayed with Aunt Bethy and Uncle Josh for a couple of days and then with Grandpa and Grandma Darling for the 2nd half of our trip. She did great...I keep telling people I don't think she missed us at all! So we flew to Atlanta Wednesday night for Festivus Kimmie 2010 aka Kimmie's 30th birthday celebration! From the airport we went out for dinner and drinks at a place called Taco Mac. Yummy and strong Margarita's! Our first night there Christy had a little...mishap. She doesn't remember what happened but Kimmie found her outside bleeding all over the place. We thought we might have to take her to the ER for stitches. She banged up her face pretty badly. So much so she felt like she had to hide from the camera the rest of the weekend.  Thursday morning we went to Charming Charlies...the best accessories store ever! I was so overwhelmed. I probably could have spent all day there and spent way more money than I actually did. At one point I think I had 6 or 7 purses on my arm. It was hard putting some of them back. But I did. Jared may have killed me had I not! Thursday afternoon we went to the outlet mall...always lots of fun! Did some shopping for Caitlyn here. Thursday night we went to a Cuban restaurant (can't remember the name off hand). It was good food. But us girls were still pretty hung over from the night before. So we didn't stay out late and didn't drink a whole lot. Friday we left for Savannah...let Festivus Kimmie 2010 begin! Savannah is so beautiful and so much fun. You can take your drinks with you while you walk outside. The riverwalk has tons of fun shops and great food! There was good music playing Friday night. Saturday night we did the haunted pub crawl which just wasn't as fun as the first time. Better not to try and relive old memories. We had great food where ever we went.  In Savannah each restaurant had a creamy crap soup that was to die for!  Overall we just had so much fun! Sunday we drove back to Atlanta and went to an Italian retaurant for Kimmie's actual birthday dinner.  This was the only time we actually ordered dessert...chocolate cake...yummy!  Monday we flew home. I missed Caitlyn so much while we were gone...and while I had fun...was glad to be home with my little girl again!

The Birthday Girl

The Birthday Bitch's Entourage!

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