Saturday, November 20, 2010

October Festivities

I's November!  I'm behind...what else is new??? 

Fall is my new favorite season!  I used to think spring was my favorite season, but only because I hated winter and couldn't wait for it to be warm again.  But all my favorite holiday's are in the fall.  So it makes sense that would be my favorite season.  It all starts with Jared and Caitlyn's birthday's in September.  Then we have the pumpkin patch and Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas!  It's a wonderful time of year!  I was (and still am) disappointed that I didn't blog about our pumpkin patch adventure last year.  It was one of my favorite memories, so I wanted to be sure that I got it in this year! 

We went to Vala's Pumpkin Patch on a Saturday (Oct 9th).  Last year it was just Caitlyn, Me and Aunt Bethy.  This year Jared really wanted to go with us because it's all I talked about last year!  It's like a mini amusement park!  I don't even buy our pumpkins there...we go for all the other attractions and the picture opportunities!  This year we...

Watched Pig Races

Played on the tractors

Watched the bunnies in their houses

Ate succotash, homemade potato chips and warm chocolate chip cookies

Got Measured

Uncle Josh wrangled a calf

Fed the goats

Went down the big slide

Cuddled with Harrison
Then we rolled into Halloween.  I looked all over for a costume for Caitlyn.  Since she was a sugar plum fairy last year I really wanted something that wasn't fairy / princess like.  I found this super cute girly clown costume.  Jared wasn't sold on it.  He said clowns were creepy.  And I agree SOME clowns can be creepy...but she was so cute! 

We didn't really go trick or treating.  We just went to see all the grandparents.  She had a great time handing out candy at Grandma and Grandpa Darlings house!  I thought she might be too shy or scared of all the people but she loved it! 

Now it's on to my two favorite holiday's! 

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