Saturday, May 15, 2010

Vegetable Garden

I'm really excited about my gardening venture.  I decided to start small this year and if it works then next year I'll do even more!  About a month ago I cleaned out the spot that was riddled with weeds on the side of the house.  Jared and I discussed for weeks where the best spot for my veggie garden should be.  The side of the house already had a long narrow place which I think is going to be perfect!  It's got sun light all day long.  And the soil was already perfect for my veggies to grow! 

A couple weeks ago I bought 2 tomato plants and cucumber and zucchini seeds.  I planted the tomato plants right away.  I waited until Mothers Day to plant the seeds.  Thankfully grandpa Rich was there to help me plant the seeds or I would have done it all wrong.  And I would have been attacked by killer bumble bees!  Apparently these bumble bees like to bury their hives in the ground.  That was not a fun experience!   But we got my rows of seeds planted and now we just wait!

Last year grandpa Rich and grandma Kendy brought us veggies from their garden every week.  Caitlyn loved the fresh cucumbers and zucchini they brought over.  So I thought this year why wait for them to bring it for us...when we can just go out and pick what we need when we want it?!  Hopefully this works.  I haven't had the best luck with plants / flowers in general before.  This is why I started small. 

I had meant to take pictures along the way...but got so excited about pulling the weeds (I know crazy thought) and getting started that I forgot!  So before and after pictures with my next post about this will be coming....

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