Friday, April 23, 2010

Storm Chaser

Jared is in the wrong profession. He should have been a storm chaser. This man loves the spring / summer storm season. He's addicted to the Doppler radar on the tv / internet. He drives me crazy with it all.

For instance...he made me cry the day we got married. We had planned an outdoor wedding. It was raining when I woke up. Bethy had stayed the night with me and Jared had stayed at his mom's house. Bethy left early to go to the salon to get her hair done. I was freaking out because I didn't have a back up plan for rain. So I was calling rental places to see if we could get a tent. No such luck. You have to have permits for that in public parks. Of course you do?! So I left for the salon. It was raining on and off. Jared calls me at about 10 to say the radar is going crazy. It's all red. There's no way we are getting married outside. I start bawling. The stylist doesn't know what to do. I hang up with him. Everyone tries to calm me down. I finish getting my hair and make-up done. When we leave the rain has stopped and the sun is starting to come out. We end up getting married outdoors...just like we planned. But I will never let Jared live down that phone call.

When I was pregnant with Caitlyn we got woken up by sirens in the middle of the night. Jared's getting the lap top and rushing around the house getting stuff to go downstairs. I take my time and go to the bathroom. He yells at me for not going to the bathroom downstairs in the basement. I hate that toilet, the seat is broken. Our sirens go off every year...hardly ever is there an actual tornado. Except this year. The tornado hit 5 blocks from our house. We had some tree damage, but thankfully no damage to the house. This time he was right.

Last year we didn't have any severe storms. Our weather was pretty lame. But it's storm season again and Jared is all about it! I worry about the sirens going off and us having to wake Caitlyn to go into the basement. Once we wake her I worry that when the storm has passed she won't be able to go back to sleep. But I want her to be if / when the storms come we will all go downstairs as quickly as possible. Hopefully it won't scare her too much. Right now as we speak she is sleeping through the thunder and lightning. I'm hoping that lasts through the summer! As I've said girl can sleep!

I'm praying for another quiet storm season. Deep down I know Jared is praying for a more active storm season. He loves the adrenaline rush from it all!

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