Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mommy Brain

When you get pregnant they tell you that you start to loose your memory.  They call it pregnancy brain.  It doesn't get much better once you have the baby.  They just change the forgetfulness to mommy brain. 

Yesterday Jared, Caitlyn and I went to Home Depot to get tomato plant cages.  We get to the truck and Jared starts loading up while I take Caitlyn and put her in her car seat.  I then proceed to get into the truck while Jared puts the cart away.  We drive off.  We get to our next destination...Babies R Us.  Which is when I realize that I left my purse in the cart at Home Depot.  I start freaking out.  I got mad at Jared for not noticing.  He blamed it on the fact that my purse is orange and blends in with the carts at Home Depot.  Had we been at Lowes he would have seen it.  We drive back.  The whole way back I'm thinking about everything in my purse.  My wallet.  All our credit cards.  Our checkbook.  My phone.  My personal notebook.  I couldn't believe I didn't grab it! 

We got back to Home Depot and luckily my purse was still in the cart out in the parking lot.  It took awhile for my heartbeat to slow down.  I turned to Caitlyn and told her that I was losing my mind...she looked at me and laughed. 

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