Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Poor Puppy

Two weeks ago Zeus hurt his back leg.  We let it go for a couple of days but it didn't seem to get any better like it usually does when he hurts himself.  So we  made an appt to take him to the vet.  Our vet was out of the office so I made an appt with another vet in his office.  I will never do this again.  I will be telling Dr. J that he's not allowed days off anymore.  Jared ended up taking him in because he was off early that day so I wouldn't have to take time off.  They thought maybe he had torn an ACL after taking an xray and gave him some morphine for the pain and an anti-inflammatory for the knee. 

He got better for a couple of days and then his leg started bothering him again.  And he started throwing up all over the house.  And he started having troubles pooping.  It was diarrhea like mixed with blood.  All. Over. Our. Carpet.  I was pissed because I thought he had ate something he shouldn't have and that was making him sick.    After 2 nights of no sleep because he kept getting up getting sick and wanting to go out I took him back to the vet.  What are the odds that my vet is out again and I have to see the same vet that Jared saw last week?  Pretty good apparently!  So he thinks maybe Zeus is having a liver reaction which can be a side effect of the anti-inflammatory he prescribes.  He was getting ready to take him for a blood panel and I'm not sure why but I asked to make sure that he knew that Zeus was taking Prednisone for his allergies.  He stopped in his tracks and I swear he went white.  He starts thumbing through the file.  He didn't know.  He didn't read the file prior to prescribing new meds.  It was on the first page after his notes from our previous visit.  Are you kidding me?  What Dr doesn't ready the file?  At least glance at it!  So he takes Zeus back and gives him a shot of prevacid and pumps him full of fluids.  He gives us 3 different meds to heal his tummy.  The anti-inflammatory mixed with the Prednisone gives blood stomach ulcers.  Great.  Needless to say I didn't pay for that visit or any of the stomach meds.  I also asked for a refund for the anti inflammatory he prescribed that shouldn't have been. 

Zeus didn't eat for 5 days.  He didn't take his Prednisone for about 4 days and because of that I'm pretty sure he got another staph infection.  He's feeling better now though.  He's not eating full meals like before but he is eating and he's not throwing up or having diarrhea issues any longer.  He's definitely back to his annoying self! 

He's also Cole's sidekick...much more than he ever was with Caitlyn.  He's in about 50% of the pictures I take of Cole at home! 

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