Thursday, December 1, 2011

Cole's Birth Story

We had a scheduled c-section on September 6th to welcome baby Cole into our family!  We got to the hospital at 5 AM.  The c-section was scheduled for 7 AM.  Of course I didn't sleep very well the night before...not that I had been sleeping well period the last couple months of pregnancy.  Once in the operating room they administered the spinal tap and wouldn't you know the first one didn't take.  The anaesthesiologist kept asking if I could still feel things and I could...including the catheter being put in because Dr. N was ready to go.  Not a fun feeling.  And then they had to take that spinal out and start again.  Thankfully that one took.  At 7:24 AM Cole was born!  I had a lot of nausea in the operating room but didn't actually get sick this time so I was able to pay attention to what they were doing with him and made sure Jared got a lot of good pictures.

Once back in the recovery room I started getting sick and throwing up.  That lasted all morning.  I felt like total crap.  We waited to have people come see us including Beth and Josh bringing Caitlyn up because I felt so bad.   Once I started feeling better Beth and Josh brought Caitlyn up.  She was awesome with him!  We only had family visit us the first day and then friends came to visit us on Wednesday. 

I started having headaches in the hospital once I started getting up and moving around.  Thursday morning my Dr came in to check on me.  He asked me a few questions and then asked if I had any questions.  I told him I knew there was something I had wanted to ask but couldn't remember what that was.  He then asked if I was having any headaches and I said YES!  That's what I was going to ask you about!  I was having spinal headaches, spinal fluid was leaking from a hole from the spinal tap they did for the c-section.  The headaches go away when you lay flat but when you are up and moving they flare up.  We waited all day on Thursday for the anaesthesiologist to come see us and of  course the headaches seemed better by the time he came to see me so I opted at that time to not get the blood patch to fix it.  Went home Thursday night (Jared's birthday) and the headaches came back full force.  I could barely move.  Woke up Friday morning.  Took Caitlyn to daycare and Cole to the pediatrician.  I don't know how I functioned during that appointment.  Went back to the hospital where they did a blood patch through an epidural.  The relief was instant!  I felt so much better.

Overall my birth experience with Cole was tons better than with Caitlyn.  Even with the double spinal and the headaches.  I love our little guy...he fits perfectly into our family!   

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