Monday, March 22, 2010

18 Months

Caitlyn turned 18 months on March 14th! Today we had her 18 month check up with Dr. W! She is growing so fast and is in perfect health! Today she weighs 25lbs and 4oz. She's now 31 1/2 in long. So for her weight she's in the 60th percentile and for her height she's in the 75th percentile. Our growing monkey!

She's in a climbing stage and seems to have no fear! A couple of weeks ago she dived off the couch and Jared and I both held our breath. She came up laughing. That isn't always the case though. Usually we are having to ask her a million times to sit on her bottom on a chair. And to be careful because she's going to fall. It's all a little nerve wracking! At least most of the time she doesn't have far to fall!

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