Sunday, February 28, 2010


Caitlyn is really learning to communicate with us more and more! Both with sign language and with her words! I knew that they taught them sign language at the daycare...I just didn't believe that she would pick up on it and use it. So it was to my great surprise when we were out to dinner with Jared's family she showed me what she knew. She was doing her normal waving her hands and arms up and down which was her way of telling me more. Jared's sister Shanna looked at Caitlyn and said "more" and did the sign. And Caitlyn did it back! I couldn't believe it! Shanna worked in a daycare for about 6 months and they taught sign language there. I was amazed! So I've been trying to really use the signs that she's learned and focus on making sure she's doing them correctly. So far (that I know of) she can do eat, more, water, please, thank you, fruit, & milk. They are learning sorry now in her room at daycare.

She is starting to say more words as well. A lot of times she just says the first part of the word, not the whole word. But she's getting so much better! Now when I pick her up at daycare she runs to her coat saying coat over and over again! When we get home and I'm taking her out of her car seat she starts chanting dada and Zues because she knows we are home and that they are going to be there to greet her. I love how much she is learning and to watch her process what she sees and hears.

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