Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Don't Take My Oranges!

I was telling a coworker this morning about this story and she said I needed to write it reminded me to post a blog!

I dropped Caitlyn off at daycare this morning. I always get her there during breakfast time as she doesn't cry when I leave if she's eating! She was sitting in between J (little boy) and Z (little girl). She had just been given her bowl of cereal and her cup of oranges. Next thing you know Caitlyn is screaming and J is throwing a handful of oranges which landed in front of Z. J had taken Caitlyn's oranges, all of them from her cup. Caitlyn freaked out. Oranges are her favorite! You should have seen her face. Poor thing! Miss Nicole got her another cup of oranges and set them on the other side next to Z. Caitlyn grabbed them all out of her cup and shoved them in her mouth. She wasn't letting anyone else get those from her!

Toddlerhood is really keeping Jared and I are our toes!

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