Sunday, May 4, 2008


We went and registered at Babies R Us today. It was very overwhelming and tiring! But we got registered for all the big items and a lot of small stuff. And I can finish looking at stuff online. My next project is to find a bedding set so that we can figure out how to decorate the nursery! We had a gender neutral set picked out, but now that I know I'm having a girl...I really want to make a girly nursery! Shanna has some great idea's, hopefully we can get together soon and put them into action!

Funny Daddy Stories!

~On Monday night at Buffalo Wild Wings he came to the realization that at the end of this pregnancy we're actually going to have a baby and will have to bring this baby home with us.

~The other day I bought a couple of outfits for the baby. This was the first baby purchase that I had made myself. I came home and was so excited to show Jared. Apparently this made the baby all the more real to him. All he could say is "You're really freaking me out here"! Poor guy!

~Jared mentioned that he needs to be drinking more water to me the other night and I told him that I hadn't been drinking enough either, that I really needed to work on that. He says "yes you do, what happens when your water breaks and there's not enough don't want root beer coming out of there do you?" It was so hilarious!

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