Tuesday, May 20, 2008

24 Week Appt

I had my Dr. appt yesterday and everything looks and sounds good! Her heartbeat is always music to my ears! Dr. says my blood pressure and weight are both fine. I had to take the glucose test yesterday. Orange drink wasn't too bad and I'm a pro at getting my blood drawn. No big deal! He said they should get the results today and if I don't hear from them by tomorrow then everything is good. I'm a little nervous about this test. Since I was diagnosed with PCOS during my infertility struggles I have a higher chance of getting diabetes later in life. I don't know if this applies to gestational diabetes or not and of course I didn't ask my Dr.

I had also been having some painful pelvic pressure and mentioned this to the Dr. He then wanted to do an internal exam. I wasn't expecting this, I thought it was normal. Everything is fine, but boy was that painful! I guess it's better to know that nothing is wrong then to worry constantly about it. Hopefully won't have to go through that again for awhile.

I've started to feel actual kicks and / or punches from my little girl. It is the weirdest feeling and not what I was expecting. Not that I can describe what I was expecting. It is wonderful to feel her though and to know she's okay on a daily basis! Jared hasn't been able to feel her yet. He tried on Sunday night...but nothing so far. I'm sure it will happen soon enough!

I can't believe I'm almost to the 3rd trimester. The 1st trimester snailed by, and the 2nd trimester has flown by! I'm already starting to feel the exhaustion come back.

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