Saturday, July 26, 2014

Over Due Update!

The kids spent the night at grandma and papa's last night and I'm enjoying the quiet this morning (I did start this this morning but am just now getting it finished while the kids eat dinner!)

We've been enjoying summer! 

We went on vacation the week of July 4th to Ponca State Park with Grandma and Papa.  The weather was unseasonably cool.  Great for pregnant mama but not so great for kids who were looking forward to swimming all week.  They only got about an hour of swimming on Monday.  Too cold the rest of the week! 

Fourth of July we went to grandma and papa's to bbq and watch fireworks!  Jared decided to buy a few fireworks this year too.  He hadn't done that since we had kids.  Cole was not a big fan of the noise and Caitlyn didn't last long after dark either.  We went to the park for awhile after dinner before the fireworks show...probably the kids favorite part!!! 

We also celebrated Harrison's birthday by going to the zoo and the Pizza Machine July 18th.  It was a long but really fun day!  And at the Pizza Machine they made Caitlyn a whole pizza with no cheese on it.  She was so excited and I was super grateful!  At his party on Saturday it was windy so the kids chased balloons at the splash park!  I can't believe he's 4!!!! 

Two weeks ago Caitlyn had an upper endoscopy with biopsy.  Everything came back clean.  For now we are using an allergy med that is supposed to help with abdominal pain and we started a probiotic.  We'll go see the gi doc again in a month and reassess.  Here's a picture of her at the hospital.  She hated the pajama's because they were blue and "boy" pajama's!  But over all our experience at Boys Town was awesome! 

We also had church service and pizza at the park last weekend.  The kids loved it!!!  Love our church and all the things they do for us! 

Picture overload! 

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