Thursday, June 19, 2014


We decided to take a trip to Des Moines for Adventureland last week.  We went with Beth, Josh and Harrison and took our last roadtrip all in one car before the new babies come this fall!  We left Friday afternoon so we could have dinner at one of my (and Beth's) favorite restaurants, Ohana's.  It's a Japanese steakhouse.  It was amazing!  Cole was freaked out with them cooking in front of us.  It was loud and he didn't enjoy it, but the rest of us did!  They were also very accommodating to Caitlyn's dairy allergy.  So much fun! 

We stayed at Adventureland Inn.  The first night in the hotel room was rough.  Cole didn't want to sleep.  He started out on the floor and then ended p in bed with me and I kicked Jared out to sleep with Caitlyn.  We maybe got about 3 hours sleep (except Caitlyn who slept fine). 

We took the Trolley over to Adventureland and got to the park before it opened.  The weather was great although a little cold for the waterpark even later in the afternoon. 


They had so much fun on all the rides.  Caitlyn is my thrill seeker.  Every time I started getting tired or overwhelmed she'd run up to me excited stating a ride was awesome or she was having so much fun and it made it all totally worth it!  I may be big and pregnant but I want the kids to have a great summer and I don't want to stay around home doing nothing.  They deserve better than that. 
The second night in the hotel was better.  I had requested a crib which they put in the room but he didn't want anything to do with that.  His choice was the crib or sleep with Caitlyn.  He chose to sleep with Caitlyn.  He did get up at 5 asking to be covered up.  He was quiet until 6 and then got up for the day.  We watched Shrek Forever After because that's all that was on that early. 
Sunday morning we went to the hotel pools.  They had 3 pools, one infant pool with a frog slide, a pool with a swim up bar and then another with 2 bigger slides.  The kids had a blast.  It took Cole a little while to warm up to the water but once he was used to it he loved it!  And had no fear.  He was going down the big slide and Jared was catching him.  There were a couple of times that he went to fast and Jared didn't get him before he went under but he didn't seem to care, just kept going! 

We had lunch at Great China before heading out of town.  They have the BEST crab Rangoon.  We did the buffet and I had 5 of them!  They are triangles instead of folded up.  So creamy and yummy!  I should have taken some food pictures this weekend! 

We were all exhausted after such a fun weekend but this little guy is the only one that actually slept on the way home! 

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