Monday, June 25, 2012

Florida Trip Part 3

We took one day and went to Orlando to Disney.  We went to the Magic Kingdom and I will say that I went more for me because I had never been than for Caitlyn or Cole.  And I kind of wished I would have waited a few more years before going.  Caitlyn had a good time for the most part.  The worst part was the automatic flushing toilets (which a girlfriend of mine mentioned putting a sticker or post-it note over the sensor…wish I would have thought of that before the trip!).  Caitlyn was so afraid of them and all of them were automatic except for the bathroom in the castle.  Thankfully she went to the bathroom at lunch without a fuss.  We did lunch with the princesses.  That was a lot of fun!  It took her a little while to warm up to them and be comfortable around them to get her picture taken with them but she did and they turned out great!  

Snow White and Cole flirted - this is one of my favorite pictures of him from the trip!  

Caitlyn loved all the rides!  Even the teacups which she did with uncle Josh because they make Jared and I sick to our stomachs!  

Cole was even great and was so content in his stroller most of the day.  

While waiting for the light parade to start that night we were in a store and Jared and I were discussing which doll to get for Caitlyn.  All of a sudden I hear "mommy I'm peeing".  I look down and there she is with her legs spread and her dress pulled up in a puddle of pee.  I was mortified!  The store employee wasn't phased at all.  They had extra underwear still in the packaging just for this type of thing.  I was expecting to have to pay for a package of underwear but they just gave me a pair.  I was so thankful.  We watched the parade and headed back home.  It's unfortunate that I keep focusing on the negative of this day because now remembering back and writing it out it was actually a really fun day!  Sure she had her terrible 3 moments and the bathroom fiasco's but overall we all had a great time!

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