Monday, February 20, 2012

Cole's Dedication

We had Cole dedicated Sunday February 12th.  I was really looking forward to this.  When Caitlyn got dedicated (you can ready that story here) I was nervous because I didn't know what to expect.  Growing up Catholic we were all baptized as babies, wore white, had Godparents, family gathering and everyone went on their merry way.  I felt stupid asking the organizer what Caitlyn should wear to the dedication...I just didn't want her to stick out!  At that time we weren't going to church regularly and were still spouting the "we pray at home in our own way" lines because that's what we believed.  We didn't think we needed any direction in our faith as long as we believed we'd go to heaven and that was that. 

This time I was much more at peace with our decision and the timing of it all.  Caitlyn was 18 months when we had her dedicated.  Cole was 5 months.  Usually they do the dedications in the spring and only once a year.  This year for whatever reason they decided to do it earlier in the year.  There were 9 babies being dedicated this year.  They called us up one couple at a time. 

Caitlyn was feeling a little overwhelmed.  After the first 2 she was insistent that she needed her hands washed after having a sucker from Sunday School.  Neither Jared or I could take her in case they called us up.  Thankfully Josh's sister Amy (Beth and Josh were having Harrison dedicated as well) took her for me.  Caitlyn had started to throw a fit on the floor and I was starting to panic!  And she made it back before Harrison or Cole were called and didn't miss anything! 

They called our name and we went up.  Caitlyn had another freak out moment and Jared had to hold her while I held Cole.  Pastor Murdoch (the same pastor who dedicated Caitlyn) said a prayer and then talked about what he felt the Lord's plan for Cole was.  He talked about Pastoral Care (which when he mentioned that I thought...I'm going to have to google that) and a few other things pertaining to this line of work and the Holy Spirit.  After the service we asked him to elaborate and he said this could mean that he would become a pastor or it could mean that he'll help the church in some way...maybe as an elder or in some other fashion.  That there were many ways he could be called to serve.  It was a little overwhelming listening to it all. 

Before Pastor Murdoch started speaking I had this overwhelming feeling that he was going to say that Cole was going to be a healer.  I didn't know how, but that was the feeling I got.  Which is why when he started talking about pastoral care I thought I needed to google it because I wasn't sure if that would be the same as a healer. 

When Pastor Murdoch finished we were getting ready to sit down and one of the Elders stopped him and started speaking with him.  He said he was getting a message from God that Cole was going to be a healer....EXACTLY the feeling I got!  I've copied and pasted a message from David (the elder) here because I want this documented as closely as possible.

God really moved upon Cole as Pastor was laying his hands on the child. As he was prophesying that Cole would be a pastor, and elaborated somewhat on that pastoral call, I received a word of knowledge from the Lord that said that “in his pastoral ministry, sign and wonders would follow him and he would receive the gift of healing.” The timing is up to the Lord, but it is very unusual that the Lord would call someone to the pastoral ministry as an infant. Obviously, Samuel was so called as a young boy; David was called as a leader as a young boy, and I am sure others since have been called at an early age. But when Pastor Murdoch prophesied of a pastoral call I knew this was something special. And suddenly, when the word of Knowledge came to me it was like “this will not be a usual pastoral call, but a special call of healing.”

My thought is that Cole should be nurtured to know that he has this call on his life. Not heavy, just make him aware of it. Then let the Holy Spirit do the work. You never know what will happen or when, but it sounds exciting!


Its still a little overwhelming to me when I think about and remember the feelings during the service.  I've been praying more lately and really talking to the Lord and asking for his help and I can feel him changing me and leading me.  I honestly thought people who talked about this kind of praying and feeling were a little over the top before.  I grew up with our structured prayers and rarely really talked to God.  It's an awesome feeling to talk to God and to feel his presence and really feel him making a difference in my life and our family's lives. 

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