Saturday, May 14, 2011

Random Thoughts

  • It's a BOY!  Our ultrasound was awesome.  He's measuring perfectly!  Heartrate was 157 BPM.  We got some cute pictures and he was sucking his thumb.  Not sure how I'm getting stuck with 2 thumb suckers...but I'll take it!  Now if we could just agree on a name.
  • Caitlyn has had a stomach virus the past 2 weeks.  2 weeks of diarrhea.  I am so hoping that it's all past us now.  Last week she had a reprieve of 3 days and then it started up again Saturday afternoon after a day at the zoo.  Sunday (Mother's Day) was constant diarrhea all day.  We were both miserable! 
  • I've been feeling the baby move since about 14 weeks.  I think I started to feel actual bumps around 19 weeks.  He moves a lot!  I was lucky if I felt Caitlyn once a day, usually it was every other day.  But I feel this little guy a few times every day and I love it!  I just felt him with my hand for the first time a couple of days ago.  I can't wait for Jared and Caitlyn to be able to feel him kicking!  Now when I'm rocking Caitlyn, he'll kick.  I can feel the sibling rivalry already!
  • I'm working on painting Caitlyn's big girl room.  I tried using a pink and purple with a double roller, but it didn't turn out how I'd like.  So I'm still deciding what to do.  Hopefully the transition will be easy.
  • We were all ready to start Caitlyn in her big girl panties and the stomach bug hit.  We've had a few days where she'll wear them and she stays dry all day in them.  But when she was having diarrhea episodes we'd put her back in a pull-up.  She had one pee accident and I think that was enough to keep her going on the potty.  Hopefully we'll get her to go #2 on the potty soon too...a ring sucker is in her future when that happens! 
  • We bought our plants for the excited!  We're doing tomato, cherry tomato, zucchini, cucumbers, green/red peppers, watermelon and cantaloupe.  Wish me luck! 
  • My c-section is scheduled for September 6th unless little guy decides to come early! 

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