Wednesday, October 13, 2010

2nd Birthday Celebrations

A little late I know! September and the first part of October have been crazy busy! Starting with Caitlyn's birthday. Then a trip to MN for my cousin Lisa's wedding and a trip to Atlanta for my cousin Kimmie's birthday...more on those in another post. Plus Dr. appts for everyone in our household and work and excursions.

We had Caitlyn's birthday party the Saturday before her birthday (Sept 11th). We decided to only invite immediate family and a few of our close friends this year. Last year for her first birthday I think we over did it a little bit and Jared and I didn't really get to enjoy it. This year we were looking for a more laid back party and we got exactly what we wanted! I put together a photo montage of Caitlyn's 2nd year. We watched this. Ate cake and ice cream and opened presents. Caitlyn is so loved...she is such a lucky little girl!

Then on Sunday we went to the zoo. Last year Aunt Beth and I took Caitlyn on her actual birthday. This year because of my time off for the surgery in July and the time off for our 2 trips I couldn't take her actual birthday off. So we went the Sunday before. And this time Daddy, Uncle Josh and Harrison got to join us! This is definitely an annual tradition I want to keep going! It is so much fun with her knowing the animals and being able to point them out and tell us what they are! I tried to take her on the carousel but she wouldn't sit on any of the animals. So we had to sit on the bench. Hopefully next year will be better!
On her actual birthday I had to work and that night we left for MN. I did get cupcakes for her to take to school. And she got to wear her birthday girl shirt.

Overall I think she had a great birthday week! We can't celebrate just one day for birthday's in our house. It's at least a week long celebration!

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