Saturday, August 14, 2010

Healthy Living

I've been wanting to get my act together and lose this "baby" (and lets be honest...pre-baby) weight for some time now. I've been going to the gym since February but for some reason hadn't been able to get the food part under control. The first two weeks after my surgery I was really sick. Nothing sounded good. I felt nauseous each time I tried to eat. It took the nurses and finally Dr. O awhile to figure out what was causing me to feel so sick. But I have to say looking back I'm glad I went through that. It seemed to kick start my weight loss. And since then I've really been watching my portion control. Trying to stick to 1200 calories a day (which doesn't always happen). And last night I started going to the gym again.

I have struggled with my weight since high school.  I love food.  And if it's in front of me I just keep eating.  Even if I'm full.  I often feel like something is wrong with me because I can't control the cravings.  I'm an emotional eater and it was (and still is) controlling me. 

It's also hard because Jared can basically eat whatever he wants and doesn't gain an oz.  So he likes to have his cookies & milk or ice cream before bed while watching the news.  And I can't say no to temptation.  We have had many arguments about this in the past.  He's been doing a little bit better.  He's found a cookie that he likes that I don't.  So that's all we are buying at the moment.  So no temptation for me at night before bed.  The vending machines are still a temptation at work.  It's a work in progress.  And I'm still learning that I need to portion my food at meals prior to taking it to the table at dinner or cutting it in half at a restaurant and only eating one half.  When I'm out with Bethy we share a meal so I can't be tempted to eat the other half!  Sometimes it's easy...others not so much.  But I do notice that I am full after eating just a half portion.  And it lasts just as long as if I had eaten a whole portion. 

It feels good! I'm starting to see a difference in the way my clothes fit. I'm getting compliments from people about how I look like I've lost weight. I don't "see" it when I look in the mirror or just look down at myself when I'm getting dressed. But little steps to the big picture!

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