Tuesday, July 14, 2009

9 Month Stats

I just realized that I hadn't posted Caitlyn's 9 month stats! She weighed in at 18lbs 15oz and was 27in for her height. We actually had her 9 month Dr. appt on Tuesday June 2nd. At the time she was having problems with her ears again. She had another (her 4th) ear infection. They gave her another antibiotic shot and a prescription for a different antibiotic liquid. So far this seems to have done the trick...no ear infections for over a month! I hope I'm not jinxing her. If she gets another ear infection the Pedi is going to be sending us to the ENT. I really don't want her to have to have tubes in her ears. Even though many people have said that it was so easy and babies did so much better once they had tubes. The fact that they would have to put her under anesthesia scares the crap out of me! Her top two front teeth finally came in! These bothered her way more than the 2 bottom ones. I think she's now working on her her side teeth, but can't tell yet if they are top or bottom or both maybe? Poor girl! Teething sucks!

Milestones: She's crawling and getting into everything! She's been pulling herself up on things for a couple of weeks! We got her some new big girl toys. The Leap Frog Music Table and a little shopping cart push toy that helps her learn to walk. She loves them both! She's stood on her own for a few seconds at a time a couple of times now. We also got her a little blow up pool and let her play in that the other day. I didn't get any great pictures. We did it late in the day so she was tired and even though I had filled the pool earlier and let it sit in the sun the water was still pretty cold. So she splashed around a little bit but she didn't enjoy it as much as I thought. We'll try again this weekend! She's started the transition to Infant Room 2 at daycare. She goes over a little bit longer every day this week and then next week we start dropping her off in the new room. She is so ready for this...she's bored with the toys in infant room 1. Plus she loves climbing on the little babies and terrorizing them!

Two months until her first birthday...can you believe it?!?!?

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