Wednesday, July 2, 2008

30 Week Update

Today is the first day that I've noticed my feet swelling. My fingers have been swelling because of the heat for awhile now. Had to take my ring off about a month ago and haven't put it back on since. I was too afraid of it getting stuck and having to have it cut off. I thought maybe I'd get lucky and my feet wouldn't swell....but they've started. I'm trying really hard to drink more water...but I'm so tired of drinking all water! It makes it hard! I still have ankles - so that's the positive in all this!

Zeus (our miniature dachshund) is acting pretty funny. He is usually glued to my side and a cuddle monster with me whenever I'm home. But lately he doesn't want much to do with me and is much more attached to Jared. I know dogs can sense when things are changing or are going to change. Most pregnant women I've talked to with dogs say theirs got more protective of them when they started to sense something was up - as in being pregnant. Not my dog. He's mad at me. Doesn't he know I'm hormonal and this makes me sad? Of course he still sleeps on me at night. It doesn't matter how many times I move him off of me...he moves back. I'm already so hot...I can't stand him laying on me. Ugh.

Speaking of hormones....everything makes me cry lately. TV shows, Movies, small stupid fights with Jared, the dog, songs on the radio...I could go on and on. It's been worse than it has the entire pregnancy. I hope it goes away soon!

We're keeping pretty busy on the weekends...this makes the time go fast! Only 10 weeks to go...can you believe it???

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