Saturday, April 26, 2008

16 Week Appt

On Thursday March 27th I had my 16 week appt. This was pretty uneventful. I peed in a cup, they weighed me, we waited a few min for the Dr. to come in. He came in, listened to the heartbeat. Asked if I had any questions. That was it. He didn't tell me what baby's heart rate was at this appt. I also had an acupunture appt on this day. It helped me to relax before my appt.

Now I had 4 weeks to decide if I wanted to know what our baby's sex was. I was very conflicted about this decision. I always thought that I wouldn't want to know. The "surprise" aspect was always appealing to me. But part of me wanted to be able to plan for our baby and have the name picked out. I read in Jenny McCarthy's Belly Laughs that she felt more connected to the baby after she found out what she was having. This made sense to me as well. Jared on the other hand, really wanted to know.

Decisions - Decisions!

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